Vol. 19, iss. 1, 2009

Researches regarding the species of plants from the sands in the north-west of Romania2009-11-30 19:20:23
A new perspective regarding the rectus abdominis muscle-development and ontogenesis2009-11-30 19:05:25
Investigation of erythrocyte antigenic profile and blood compatibility by blood typing in dogs2009-11-30 18:49:26
Langendorff perfused heart – the 110 years old experimental model that gets better with age2009-11-30 18:39:00
Morphological particularities of the submandibular gland in rats2009-11-30 18:29:25
Atmospheric circulation types associated with storms on the romanian Black Sea coast. Application of a new automated scheme2009-11-30 18:21:01
Types of hairs observed on the surface of aerial organs epidermis of Drosera rotundifolia L. vitroplantlets2009-11-30 18:06:52
Histopathological aspects of the acute acalculous cholecystitis experimentally induced by laparoscopy with L-α-phosphatidylcholine2009-11-30 17:59:51
The immunohistochemical detection of metionin-enkephalin (met-ENK) in the entero-pancreatic system of some species of amphibians2009-11-30 17:56:09
In vitro effects of nitric oxide synthase inhibition by L-NAME on human internal mammary arteries rings2009-11-30 15:21:08
Involvement of oxidative stress during gestation time2009-11-30 15:10:06
The action of some antioxidant compounds with Flavonolignanes (Silimarin and Legalon) on the rat liver, intoxicated with N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA)2009-11-30 15:01:19
Experimental study using sciatic static index for the functional assessment of sciatic nerve recovery after standardized crush injury2009-11-30 14:51:33
Histochemical and biochemical analysis regarding the protective effects of some bioactive compounds in the brain of rabbit fetuses prenatally exposed to some excitotoxins2009-11-30 14:42:31
Ultrastructural aspects concerning the hypothalamus-pituitary complex reactivity following chronic administration of Aspartame in juvenile rats2009-11-30 11:49:02
Experimental study concerning the mechanical resistance of the osteoporotic femur2009-11-30 11:35:29
Molecular docking study regarding the interactions between matrix metalloproteinases 2 and 9 and their natural inhibitors Timp1 and Timp22009-11-30 11:26:59
Tilia tomentosa foliar bud extract: Phytochemical analysis and dermatological testing2009-11-30 11:17:59
Preliminary study, by flow cytometric parameters and apoptotic markers, of mitochondrial disfunction in leukemia cells2009-11-30 11:06:15
Estimating respiratory mechanics with constant-phase models in healhty lungs from forced oscillations measurements2009-11-18 20:00:26
Aspects of Toxoplasma-like parasitism in small mammal species in Transylvania and their role in Toxoplasma dissemination2009-11-18 19:56:18
Markers for myofibroblasts in inflammatory gums pseudotumors2009-11-18 19:42:22
Methodology and techniques regarding the stabilization of sewage sludges in wastewater plants by microwave treatment2009-10-30 18:09:57
Monitoring the microbiological and physico-chemical pollution degree of the river Visa2009-10-30 18:00:30
Behaviour of endodontically treated teeth restored with carbon fiber post systems2009-09-25 09:30:52
Observations concerning sexual dimorphism in submandibular gland of the rats2009-09-25 09:23:39
Ultrastructural aspects in the rhizome of Drosera Rotundifolia L. vitroplantules2009-09-25 09:18:46
Flow cytometric analysis of cell death and viability of osteoarthritic chondrocytes cultured in presence of apoptosis inhibitors for tissue engineering2009-09-25 09:14:05
A comparative analysis of the histological structure of the aerial organs of plants grown on sterile heaps and respectively in ordinary soil2009-09-25 09:11:03
A comparative analysis of the histological structure of tubers grown on sterile heaps and respectively in ordinary soil2009-09-25 09:05:13