Vol. 25, iss. 2, 2015

Investigation of thermally induced interactions between pioglitazone and some excipients by FT-IR and DSC analysis2014-11-17 06:42:44
Anatomical, morphological and cytological comparative study of leaves and cotyledons from forestry species II. Comparison between the the morpho-anatomical and cytological structures of cotyledons and leaves of black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia l)2014-11-17 06:42:44
In vitro allelopathy between Drosera rotundifolia L. and Cymbidium hybridum2014-11-17 06:42:44
The pyrazole scaffold in drug development. A target profile analysis2014-11-17 06:42:44
Environmental assessment of atmospheric pollution in Dnipropetrovsk province (Ukraine)2014-11-17 06:42:44
Biomonitoring of airborn soils contamination in Dnipropetrovsk megapolis2014-11-17 06:42:44
Comparative data regarding the growth of spruce (Picea abies l) and black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia l) plantlets and their content in assimilating pigments in the 40st day of in situ or in vitro seed germination exposed to diferent wavelenght led ligh2014-11-17 06:42:44
The growth and development of “in vitro”’ potato plantlets belonging to different Romanian varieties under the influence of water stress caused by mannitol2014-11-17 06:42:44
Analysis of leptin gene expression in severly obese patients2014-11-17 06:42:44
Mapping of urban atmospheric pollution in the northern part of algeria with nitrogen dioxide using satellite and ground-truth data2014-11-17 06:42:44