Instructions for authors

Articles should be written entirely in English language. The length of an article must be of minimum 5 pages and maximum 15 pages, A4 format, on two columns. All articles should present experimental scientific work. We will not accept articles that present only statistical data or are presented as reviews.

Thematics: Articles published in the journal Studia Universitatis „Vasile Goldiș” Seria Stiintele Vieții (Life Sciences Series) should be focused on the following themes or specialties: preclinical medicine, pharmacy, plant and animal biology, biotechnologies, chemistry, physics, ecology, geography and geology.

Required format: Your papers should be sent by mail or post (CD/ DVD) to the following address:


or by regular mail to: Studia Universitatis „Vasile Goldiș” Seria Stiintele Vieții (Life Sciences Series), Facultatea de Medicină, Universitatea de Vest „Vasile Goldiş”, Str. Liviu Rebreanu nr. 91-93, Arad, Romania, E.U.

Please send only doc. or docx. format.

Page setup: Paper A4 format, Portrait, Top 1cm, Bottom 1cm, Right 2 cm, Left 2cm, Gutter 0cm, Mirror margins, Header 1cm, Footer 1cm. Please do not insert page numbers or any other text in Header and Footer.

Title: Century Gothic 16, All caps, bold, center, single line. Title should be only in English.

Subtitles: Main subtitles (such as Introduction, Materials and methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusions, References) should be Arial 10, All Caps, bold, left, single line. Sub-subtitles should be Arial 10, Sentence case, bold, left, single line.

Authors: Arial 10, Title case, bold, center, single line. Full name is required with your given name followed by your surname (i.e. John Hopkins). Authors’ names should be separated by commas (i.e. John Hopkins, Jane Harper). For each author, there has to be an indication of their affiliation; for this please use superscript numbers (i.e. John Hopkins1). One of the authors will be marked with an asterisk for correspondence (i.e. John Hopkins*).

Affiliation: Arial 10, Sentence case, normal, center, single line (i.e. 1Department of Biology-Ecology-Geography „Vasile Goldiş” Western University, Arad).

Abstract: Arial 10, Sentence case, normal, justify, single line. The abstract should be in English and at least 5 lines but maximum 10 lines.

Keywords: Arial 10, lowercase, normal, justify, single line. Keywords should be in English and there are 5 keywords required.

Text format: All text should be submitted in English. Times New Roman 10, Sentence Case, normal, justify, single line, Paragraph First line 0,5cm. Your article should be organized on Introduction, Materials and methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusions, References. We accept also articles that are not structured this way, but there should be at least an Introduction, some main subtitles structured on ideas expressed and of course Conclusions and References. Please do not number your conclusions and References. Names written in Latin should be with Italic letters.

Citations: All articles and books listed will have to be cited in text using main author’s surname and year of publication, such as: (Hopkins, 2001). For more than one author, the citation should be: (Hopkins et al., 2001). Please do not use numbers instead of names.

Images: Please try to use a good resolution for your pictures (300dpi) and in order to make the word file smaller insert them as jpg files. We reserve the right to modify your image’s size for esthetic purposes only. The text indicating what the images represent should be Arial 9, Sentence Case, normal, left, single line (i.e. Fig. 1 Mitochondria in electron microscopy).

Tables and graphics: Arial 9, Sentence case, normal, single line.

References: Times New Roman 10, Sentence case, normal, single line, Paragraph Hanging 1cm. Please arrange your references in alphabetical order. Please do not number the references. Here is an example: Finette BA, Romans AC, Rivers J, Messier T, Albertini RJ, Accumulation of somatic mutations in proliferating T cell clones from children treated for leukemia. Leukemia, 15, 1898–1905, 2001.

Correspondence: The affiliation should be followed by a correspondence information, using Times New Roman 10, Sentence case, normal, single line, such as: *Correspondence: Doe John, „Vasile Goldiş”  Western University Arad, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Cell Biology,  no. 1 Constitution St., 310396, Arad, Romania, Tel. +40-(257)-222222+40-(257)-222222, Fax. +40-(257)-222222, email:

According to the decision taken by the UVVG Ethical Commission of Scientific Research emmited on 1.03.2019 regarding the submission and acceptance for publication of research type manuscripts having more than one author:

1. The authors must submmit a declaration in which it is mentioned:
– That all involved authors have agreed on the submission of the manuscript and its potential publication;
– The financing source of the research that makes the topic of the paper;
– Conflict of interests. The authors must identify and declare any personal situation or interest that might appear and that might influence the interpretation of research results. Any involvment of financesors in designing the research project, in data collection, analysis and interpretation, in writing of the manuscript or in taking the decision to publish the results must be declared.

2. The published manuscript will contain the following sections, completed and inserted at the end:
-Authors contributions ( “conceptualization, X.X. and Y.Y.; methodology, X.X.; data collection X.X.; data validation, X.X., Y.Y. and Z.Z.; data processing X.X.; writing—original draft preparation, X.X.; writing—review and editing, .X.”, etc.);

-Funding (“This research received no external funding” or “This research was funded by NAME OF FUNDER, grant number XXX” and “The APC was funded by XXX”);

-Conflict of Interest (“The authors have not any competing financial, professional, or personal interests from other parties”/ “The authors declare no conflict of interest”/ “The funders had no role in the design of the study; in the collection, analyses, or interpretation of data; in the writing of the manuscript, or in the decision to publish the results”).

PUBLICATIONS: Our journal is published quarterly, in March, June, September and December.


Articles are reviewed by two reviewers that are not from the „Vasile Goldiş” Western University of Arad, that will fill a standard review form for each article. Their suggestions will be sent to the corresponding author, for further modifications. Reviewers are not familiar with the names of the authors, as well as the authors are not familiar with the name of their reviewers (double blind review system). The review process takes maximum 60 days, afterwards the author will be announced one of the following results: accepted article, rejected article or accepted article but with some modifications.

We are looking forward to publish your work.

Editorial Board