The journal Studia Universitatis “Vasile Goldis”, Seria Stiintele Vietii was first published in 1999, with an annual volume and supplement starting with 2005. In the present, the journal is a B+ category journal according with the CNCSIS standards (code 820).

ISSN: 1584-2363

e-ISSN: 1842-7863

Year after year, the journal has improved it’s scientific content, by improving it’s quality standards, and also the standards regarding the esthetics of the journal, accordingly with the international standards. The journal has a national and international visibility by the publication of it’s electronic version on the website www.studiauniversitatis.ro and due to the fact that the journal is included in an exchange programm between national and international universities (Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania; University of Sciences, Lille, France; University of Tubingen, Germany and other universities from Serbia, Hungary, Ukraine).

Thus, starting with the 13th volume in 2003, the journal has modified it’s cover and interior look, entering in competition with international journals. The articles are arranged on 2 columns, the text being entirely in english. The references and quotations are according with the international standards.

The themes that the journal is focused on are matters of fundamental and applied research: pedology, geology, geography, flora and vegetation, fauna, ecology and environment protection, plant anatomy and physiology, human and animal anatomy and physiology, cell and molecular biology, biotechnologies. The journal has until now 22 scientific reviewers, experts in the thematics of the journal, and that are reknown from romanian and international universities: Budapest (Hungary), Debrecen (Hungary), Novi Sad (Serbia and Montenegro) and Tubingen (Germany). These specialists can assure a full scientific expertise by appliying the rigurous peer-review proces.

We consider that our journal has an important role in the scientific community, by imposing it’s standards even from the first volumes, being nationaly and internationaly appreciated.