Vol. 20, iss. 4, 2010

A pharmacotoxicological evaluation of a betulin topical formulation tested on C57BL/6J mouse…2010-12-31 14:05:43
Studies regarding the influence of different wavelengths of LEDs light on regenerative and…2010-12-31 12:37:41
Examination of sedimentary deposition in the active floodplains of Bereg-plain2010-12-31 12:35:38
Preliminary studies regarding an early detection method applied for malignant melanoma on mice2010-12-31 12:33:48
GIS database of heavy metals in the floodplain of the Tisza River2010-12-31 12:31:20
Examination of the groundwater pollution at lowland settlements2010-12-31 12:25:26
The effect of different compost: soil rates on some parameters of the soil-plant system2010-12-31 12:23:20
Comparing the buffering ability of sediment samples along the upper part of Tisza River2010-12-31 12:21:29
The effect of ischemic preconditioning upon molecular and ultrastructural aspects of rat myocardium2010-12-31 12:19:45
Biotic index at secondary education level and its adaptation in the sustainable development…2010-12-31 12:17:13
Breeding black grouse in artificial conditions in Hungary2010-12-31 12:14:06
Research regarding two vegetal associations specific to the hills area in the North-West of Romania2010-12-31 12:12:25
Hydrochemical study of the source region of Ier (Er) stream in Satu Mare (Szatmar) County, Romania2010-12-31 12:10:17
The analysis of ecological behaviour of the macrolichens from Rosia Montana (Romania)2010-12-31 12:07:59
The occurrence and distribution of adrenomedullin (AM) in the endocrine pancreas of several…2010-12-31 12:03:13