Vol. 20, supp. 1, 2010

Health assessment of employees with occupationally exposure to irritating gases and vapors2011-09-11 20:58:51
Social and habitual conditions of the students of secondary vocational schools in Republic of Moldova2011-09-11 20:53:35
Unhealthy behavior of the students in professional secondary schools related to the family structure2011-09-11 20:50:02
Responsibility and ethics in health surveillance of workers2011-09-11 20:46:08
Occupational carpal tunnel syndrome in a meat industry worker. Case presentation2011-09-11 20:44:32
Observational study on the role of interrupted exposure in occupational lead poisoning2011-09-11 20:42:16
Strategii de colaborare a medicinii muncii cu agenţiile şi reţelele din sănătate2011-09-11 20:37:59
Ethical aspects in the practical activity of the occupational health physician2011-09-11 20:34:45
Legislative gaps in occupational medicine II2011-09-11 20:29:47
Influence of indoor air quality from the office rooms on work capacity2011-09-11 20:24:20
Occupational pathology in an employees group who work at videoterminal2011-09-11 20:11:06
Effects of some plant extracts on various tumor cell lines2011-06-23 19:56:50
Lung function test with body-pletismograph and diffusion measurement in diagnosis of occupational lung diseases2011-04-03 15:00:41
Study of past medical history in professional inorganic lead intoxication2011-04-03 14:54:06
Health assessment in occupationally exposed population to inorganic lead2011-04-03 14:51:58