Vol. 22, iss. 2, 2012

Matrix tablets with metoprolol salts based on natural hydrophilic colloids such as alginates, carraggens and xanthan gum2013-03-21 09:26:41
Negative antropic effects threatening the biodiversity of the protected dendrological park of Sacueni-Bihor2012-09-13 18:14:07
Considerations regarding the nature reserves in the Natural Depression of Maramures and their environmental importance2012-09-13 18:01:30
The light microscopic immunodetection of galanin (GAL) intrinsic innervation in the spleen of the grass-snake, natrix n. natrix2012-09-13 17:53:00
Study of the chromium, cadmium, copper, zinc contents of soil and dominant plant species in the floodplain of Upper-Tisza area2012-09-13 17:36:16
The legal background pertaining to the installation and operation of constructed wetlands in Hungary2012-09-13 17:13:55
Evaluation of risk factors involved in intrauterin growth restriction2012-09-13 17:03:41
Potential effects of pharmaceuticals and their residues in aquatic environment2012-09-13 16:56:57
Park in Novi Knezevac – natural and cultural heritage of Serbia2012-09-13 16:39:26
Endothelial dysfunction is associated with visfatin and oxidative stress in hemodialysis patients2012-09-13 16:24:22
The germination and growth of Brassica oleracea L. var. capitata f. rubra plantlets under the influence of colored light of different provenance2012-09-13 16:06:05
The metal uptake of plants on the landfill sites in Bereg County2012-09-11 17:14:49
A study regarding the hydrological features of the Tur valley2012-09-11 17:02:05
Correlation between malocclusion – oral habits – and socio-economic factors2012-09-11 16:51:54
Market research products fortified with iron by adding components biovegetale2012-09-11 16:33:31
Aspects on isolation and identification of Microsporum canis strains found in dermatozoonosis2012-09-11 16:20:23
Flow cytometric analysis of human chondrocytes cultured in a new medium for autologous therapie and tissue engineering cartilage2012-09-11 16:11:36
Evaluation of nutritive value in some plants that contain allelopathic compounds of Banat Region (Western Romania)2012-09-11 15:49:31
Macromycetes species included in the Bern Convention Appendix I in the red list in Romania and the rare presence in the Historical Maramures County2012-09-11 15:31:40
Morphogenesis in the culinary, apical and foliar minicuttings, of sedum telephium ssp. maximum L. In vitro on murashige – skoog (1962) medium culture with different growth regulators added2012-09-11 15:05:51