Vol. 23, iss. 3, 2013

Need for refractive errors screening in school-age children by objective methods2014-11-14 09:48:16
Compliance of the students to the refractive errors correction with glasses2014-11-14 09:42:03
The influence of limestone exploitation from Mateiaşu Mountain (South Romanian Carpathians) on floristic composition2014-11-14 09:36:54
Determining the amount of phosphorus (P) absorbed by roots, and the rest of the sunflower (Helianthus annuus) seedlings in the first days of germination, from Knopp nutrient solution2014-11-14 09:29:19
Determinations of the neutral red vital dye accumulation in the roots of castor oil plant (Ricinus communis) compared to the extra-radicular absorption recorded in the aerial parts of the plant2014-11-14 09:23:04
Toxicity evaluation by flow cytometric analysis of nanoparticles using the unicellular alga Chlorella2014-11-14 09:07:11
Flow cytometric assessment of unicellular Chlorella cells alterations under heavy metals exposure2014-11-14 08:59:52
The importance of postoperative care in congenital hip dislocation2014-11-14 08:52:09
Potato microtuberisation under the influence of certain organic acids2014-11-14 08:42:52
Psychotherapy of the injectable drug misuse2014-11-14 08:33:23
SEM and EDAX morphological observation of three ornamental species of the Genus Magnolia2014-11-14 08:11:20
The evaluation of early viral response (RVT) and the assessment of haematological adverse effects2014-11-14 07:54:05
Viral hepatitis and the estimations of the effects of antiviral treatment2014-11-14 07:37:55
Botanical gardens of the European Union and ex situ conservation2014-11-14 07:24:18
The paracetamol and theophylline co-administration – an avoiding to interaction2014-11-14 07:09:35
Risk insurance of disease or disability in the Romanian unified public pension system2014-11-14 07:00:31
Medico-social aspects by framing the disability degree of the people who have lost their capacity to work due to neoplasia in Arad2014-11-14 06:50:20
Living with achondroplasia – some medical and social aspects2014-11-14 06:36:16
The non-discrimination principles – component of the implementation of longlife learning program. Implementation specificity for pharmaceutical field2014-11-13 21:31:35
Flow cytometric assessment of ex vivo Carassius auratus red blood cells in sublethal exposure to heavy metals2014-11-13 21:08:26
Flow cytometric measurement of reactive oxygen species production in red blood cells from fish after exposure to heavy metals2014-11-13 20:47:15
Cone beam computer tomography in maxillary cyst diagnosis – case presentation2014-11-13 20:31:06
Case report: maxillary cyst with intrasinus evolution2014-11-13 20:06:11
Pollution values in Tur and Barcău waters2014-11-13 19:53:41
Ecological study of Lapus Country2014-11-13 19:08:21