Environmental assessment of atmospheric pollution in Dnipropetrovsk province (Ukraine)

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Article Title: Environmental assessment of atmospheric pollution in Dnipropetrovsk province (Ukraine)

Kharytonov M., Benselhoub A., Kharytonov M., Shupranova L.,  Kryvakovska R.,  Khlopova V

Affiliation: 1 Dnipropetrovsk State Agrarian and Economic University ,Department of Ecology and Environment Protection,Dnipropetrovsk , Ukraine, 2Pukhov Institute for Modeling in Energy Engineering, National Academy of Sciences, Kiev, Ukraine  3Dnipropetrovsk Regional
Abstract: Atmospheric pollution in Ukrainian industrial cities poses a serious environmental threat. Intensive mining and industrial activities, power and heating plants, construction enterprises, have contributed to increase in the number of atmospheric pollution sources .The purpose of our study is to estimate pollution with NO2 and SO2 in Dnipropetrovsk region. Assessment of air pollution with NO2 and SO2 is carried out using the new GIS system and weather data from stationary networks of Dnipropetrovsk Hydrometeorological Regional Center. Elevated concentrations of nitrogen dioxide (excess of Maximum Permissible Concentration in 1,25-2,25 times) is observed during last 5 years in the atmosphere of this region. Atmospheric pollution estimated above average according to accepted gradation of air pollution index. Interpolation of three-year data from monitoring stations in the above two industrial cities has allowed to build the map to assess the level of atmosphere contamination risk with nitrogen and sulfur dioxide (individually and collectively). In terms of total soil pollution with heavy metals near the metallurgical plant are rated as “moderately threatening”. Bioassay of soils technogenic pollution revealed weight decrease of 4-days radish sprouts from 15 to 45%.
Keywords: air, soil, pollution, industry, emissions, networks, monitoring.
*Correspondence: Benselhoub Aissa, State Agrarian and Economic University, Ecology and Environment Protection Department, Voroshilov St., 49600 Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine,email:benselhoub@yahoo.fr