Methodology and techniques regarding the stabilization of sewage sludges in wastewater plants by microwave treatment

Authors: Letitia OPREAN, Simona OANCEA, Eniko GASPAR, Camelia OPREAN, Ecaterina LENGYEL

Affiliation: “Lucian Blaga” University, Sibiu, Romania

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ABSTRACT. The paper presents a modern non-conventional technique of stabilization of the sludge coming from the wastewater treatment plant of Sibiu. Sludge samples were progressively treated with microwave radiations and modifications in the sludge composition were monitorized as function of applied energy and time of treatment. An important factor for the devolatilization of sewage sludge is the intimate structure and the age of the sludge. The quality of filtrate regarding the concentration of organic substances is directly proportional with the thermal devolatilization. The obtained results show efficiency of the microwave treatment of sewage sludge according to the energy and exposure time to microwave radiations with optimal parameters at 420 W for 2 minutes.

Keywords: sludge, stabilization, microwave irradiation, wastewater treatment