Involvement of oxidative stress during gestation time

Authors: Mihaela RUDEANU¹*, Adriana MUREŞAN², Daniela STANCIU³, Soimiţa SUCIU², Alexandra Cristina BERGHIAN²

Affiliation: 1 Central Military Hospital, Bucharest, Romania; 2 University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu Haţieganu”, Cluj-Napoca, Romania; 3 Medical Clinic III, Cluj-Napoca


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ABSTRACT. The increased metabolic activity during pregnancy leads elevated levels of oxidative stress via the production of reactive oxygen species, but protective mechanisms against free radical generation are activated. The aim of this study was to examine the dynamic of oxidative stress in pregnant rats during gestation period and the influence of vitamin E -exogenous antioxidant- under these circumstances. It has been detected from rats plasma lipid peroxides, carbonyl protein clusters, ceruloplasmin and total antioxidant capacity, before giving birth and these were compared to the values in unpregnant rats. During gestation time, we observed semnificative increase of lipid peroxides and carbonyl groups and an important increase of the serum ceruloplasmin on pregnant rats  and decrease of total antioxidant capacity as compared to controls, which clearly shows oxidative stress. Antioxidant effect of vitamin E was highlighted through a decrease in oxidative stress markers and a reinforcement of antioxidant capacity.


Keywords: oxidative stress, pregnancy, antioxidants, vitamin E, rat