Experimental study using sciatic static index for the functional assessment of sciatic nerve recovery after standardized crush injury

Authors: Andreea Monica RĂDUCAN*, Silvia Nicoleta MIRICA, Oana Maria DUICU, Germaine SĂVOIU-BALINT, Mircea HÂNCU, Ovidiu FIRA-MLĂDINESCU, Danina MUNTEAN, Alexandru CRISTESCU

Affiliation: Department of Pathophysiology, “Victor Babeş” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Timişoara


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ABSTRACT. The aim of the present study was to assess the functional recovery of the rat sciatic nerve after standardized mechanical crush injury. To this aim 16 anesthetized rats were randomized to receive: (i) no intervention (control group) and (ii) a crush injury of the sciatic nerve induced by a special designed clip and standardized by a force transducer (crush group). Functional evaluation was performed preoperatory and for 3 weeks after surgery by analyzing the footprints. For each rat a minimum of 5 consecutive photographs showing the plantar aspects of hind paws were daily analyzed. The measured parameters allowed the calculation of the static sciatic index (SSI). Animals in the crush group showed an important reduction of SSI with complete recovery by day 21, whereas no significant changes were present in the control group. The developed experimental model of footprint analysis allows us to assess the natural dynamic pattern of sciatic nerve functional recovery during a 3 weeks follow-up period after standardized compression injury.


Keywords: sciatic nerve, standardized crush injury, peripheral nerve regeneration