A comparative analysis of the histological structure of tubers grown on sterile heaps and respectively in ordinary soil

Authors: Gheorghe Bârlea, Aurel Ardelean

Affiliation: “Vasile Goldis” Western University, Arad, Romania

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ABSTRACT. Only a small number of plants and few phyto-representatives from these species are capable of growing on the heaps of sterile that resulted from mining activities at great depths (Gh. Bârlea, 2008). Our paper sets out to make an analysis of the histological alterations induced in wild plants that have grown on sterile substratum compared to the histological structure of the wild plants that have grown in ordinary soil.

Keywords: Centaurea cyanus L., Polygonum cuspidatum Sieb. et Zucc. (Reynoutria japonica Houtt.), sterile heaps, root, tubers