Estimating respiratory mechanics with constant-phase models in healhty lungs from forced oscillations measurements

Authors: Clara IONESCU*1, Kristine DESAGER2, Robin DE KEYSER1

Affiliation: 1Ghent University, Department of Electrical energy, Systems and Automation, Gent, Belgium, 2University Hospital Antwerp, Department of Pulmonary Division, Wilrijk, Belgium

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ABSTRACT. Demanding minimal cooperation from the patient, the forced oscillation technique (FOT) is an attractive non-invasive lung function test. Its successful application to assess respiratory mechanics makes it an interesting topic for further investigations. Recent trends in signal processing and modelling techniques play a significant role in improving the assessment of input respiratory impedance. A four-parameter constant-phase model and a five parameter constant-phase model are evaluated here in healthy young females and males. The identification results show that the five parameter constant-phase model delivers better estimates in terms of minimizing modelling errors. The observed model values agree qualitatively with expected values based on previous reports in the specialized literature for healthy subjects.

lung function test, non-invasive, forced oscillations, signal processing, modeling, respiratory system, input impedance