Cercetari privind monitorigul prospectiv al ihtiofaunei din bazinul raului Buzau

Autori: Dorel Ureche, Klaus Werner Battes, Ferdinand Pricope, Ionut Stoica

Afiliere: Facultatea de Stiinte, Universitatea din Bacau


RESEARCH OF PROSPECTIVE MONITORING OF THE BUZAU RIVER ICHTIOFAUNA. The ichtyofauna prospective monitoring from the Buzau river catchment area aimed to determine the specific structure of fish communities from this basin. Qualitative methods were used for comparisons with the initial status and for establishing the degree of ichtiofauna degradation due to human impacts, together with the reconstruction measures needed. In the 26 sampling sites, twenty two species were identified (out of 24 initial species), meaning a total of 2663 individuals, with a biomass of 37 kg. The fish material was collected by means of electronarcosis (in rivers) and gill nets (in lakes). The numerical and weight stocks were estimated, together with some ecological indices, biodiversity and the index of biological integrity (IBI).


Keywords: monitoring, numerical and gravimeter stock, ecological index, biodiversity index, biologic integration index