Starea actuala a faunei ihtiologice a Marii Negre – sectorul romanesc. necesitatea urgenta a unei…

Starea actuală a faunei ihtiologice a Marii Negre – sectorul romanesc. necesitatea urgenta a unei abordari ecosistemice pentru pescarii responsabile la Marea Neagra si pentru managementul lor rational si dezvoltare durabila


Autori: Marian-Traian Gomoiu

Afiliere: membru corespondent al Academiei Romane


THE PRESENT STATE OF THE BLACK SEA ICHTYOLOGICAL FAUNA – THE ROMANAIN SECTOR. THE URGENT NECESSITY OF AN ECOSYSTEM APPROACH FOR FISHERIES RESPONSIBLE AT THE BLACK SEA AND FOR THEIR RATIONAL MANAGEMENT AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. On the basis of the analyses of information published in the last 10-15 years under FAO aegis by researchers specialized in fishery resources at the Black Sea Romanian littoral, the author makes a brief presentation of the present state of world fisheries, especially of marine ecosystems at the Romanian coast of the Black Sea, including fish populations and fisheries. In the first part of the paper some concepts are explained, which are included in the title of the paper, and some concepts created by FAO with reference to world fisheries are presented and then the paper refers to the situation at the Black Sea Romanian littoral. The author is convinced that now, when Romanian specialists set up the national ichtyological society, it is absolutely necessary to remember and know some general aspects which define the preoccupation of the researchers in the filed. Taking into consideration the multiple and varied interactions between fishing activities – aquaculture and marine ecosystems, the author considers that an ecological approach is necessary in order to revitalize the Black Sea fisheries, to develop them as responsible fisheries, properly managed and able to develop sustainably. Activities of turning into account marine biological resources can have direct or indirect impacts upon flora and fauna, upon all communities, upon habitats. On the other hand, these activities depend not only on the quality and availability of marine resources which build up this diversity, but also on the state of the environment in which they develop.


Keywords: Black Sea, Romanian coastal fisheries review