Metodologia de monitorizare a ihtiofaunei din bazinele acvatice naturale si antropice

Autori: Ferdinand Pricope, Klaus Battes, Dorel Ureche, Ionut Stoica

Afiliere: Universitatea din Bacau


THE METHOD OF MONITORING ICHTIOFAUNA FROM THE NATURAL AND ANTHROPIC AQUATIC BASSINS (POOLS). In this paper the authors propose a modern methodology for fish fauna monitoring within natural and anthropized aquatic basins; it is founded on qualitative and quantitative investigations and on the utilization of some synthetic indicators, as the biotic integrity index. The presented method agrees with European standards concerning the fish sampling and electrical fishing, the analysis of the biological material and the pattern of presenting the results. The aim of this paper is to offer an unique method for fish fauna monitoring, able to permit the comparison between different investigation in the field carried out within different water basins; thus, there may be compared the biodiversity and productivity of that basins, as well as the degree of their damaging by man interventions.


Keywords: prospective monitoring, ichtiofauna, electro-narcosis, ultrafiltering, collecting location, fishing area, catching period, index of biologic integrity