Silvicultura si protectia mediului – simbioza pentru mileniu trei

Afiliere: Mirela Coman1, Maftei Leşan2, Marinel Rob2

Afiliere: 1Universitatea de Nord Baia Mare, 2Universitatea de Vest “Vasile Goldiş” Arad


One of the resources of great topical interest of regenerative raw materials is wood. This is the main produce of the forest exploited annually, and in the same time, it is equally valuable as element of the forest, as well – the most complex terrestrial ecosystem. The paper presents a few common subjects of both forestry and the activity of the environment, as seen from the environmental enggineering point of view. Thus, the forestry biomonitoring is seen as a control and supervision intrument of the air quality; afforestation of degraded and/or unpolluted areas, is seen as the biotechnology protection of the soil; or the landscape architecture. Our conclusions drewn out from practice, verified in the managerial and aducational process, and reintroduced afterwards in the production process, prove a constantly growing opening of forestry towards the other activity domanis, an opening based on new, ecotechnical principles, and they also prove a greater influence upon the quality of our lives through ecological produces it is offering to us.