Asociatia Carpino–fagetum Pauca 1941 in judetul Arad

Autori: Aurel Ardelean

Afiliere: Universitatea de Vest “Vasile Goldis” din Arad,


CARPINO-FAGETUM PAUCĂ 1941 ASSOCIATION IN ARAD COUNTY. For a better understanding of the structure, of the composition and of the evolution of the association CARPINO – FAGETUM on the range of the territory of the county Arad, there have also been necessary some pytho-historical investigations upon the vestiges of the vegetal world from these plains. The first certain data’ onto which we can bind the continuity string, date from the period of the upper Miocene, probably sarmatian. Thanks to the paleo-botanical researches done by R. Givulescu (1969) upon the fissile beds near Pancota, there are known several specifically plants for a warm and wet subtropical climate, like: Betula sp., Juglans sp., Acer sp., etc., these plants reveal that the vegetation of this region in that period was of a temperate subtropical type. The cooling and drying of the climate in the periods that followed (sub-boreal) has favored the massive spreading of the Carpenus betulus in the prior existing formation. Following this phenomenon in the researched territory, there grew on large areas mixed forests of Carpenus and Quercus species or even pure little forests of Carpenus, which are still to be found in the present time.


Keywords: association, carpino-fagetum, vegetation