Plantele “biblice” din gradinile botanice

Autori: Aurel Ardelean, Violeta Turcus, Ioan Don

Afiliere: Universitatea de Vest “Vasile Goldiş” din Arad, Facultatea de Biologie

“BIBLICAL” PLANTS OF BOTANYC GARDENS. The plants which appear in the Bible are represented in many Botanical Gardens. They lead us far into the past: to Adam and Eve, in the Stone Age, to Asia and Africa, to the Judean people and to the beginnings of Christianity. In the Old and New Testament (Genesis 3,1-6) there are about 120 plants being named, with different localizations on the Globe and which have been described by the botanical literature from Aristotel and Teofrast up to our days. Some have been acclimatized or have suffered genetic modification so that they could be cultivated in the Botanical Gardens, which is also the case of the University Botanical Garden Macea.


Keywords: biblical plants, bothanical gardens