Gradinile botanice din Uniunea Europeana

Autori: Aurel Ardelean

Afiliere: Universitatea de Vest “Vasile Goldiş” Arad


BOTANICAL GARDENS OF EUROPEAN UNION. Currently, in the countries from the European Union there exist 430 Botanical Gardens with renown status, in which there are over two thousand scientists and a personal of 10.000 gardeners at work, technicians, guides, teachers for the nature, etc. The Botanical Gardens receive over 50 million visitors annually and are the major way through which Europe’s population gains access to information regarding the diversity and importance of plants around the world. There are over 50.000 species of higher plants comprised in collections, and in the herbariums there are over 40 million botanized holotypes from around the world. Approximately 20% of the Botanical Gardens belong to Universities under the jurisdiction of some Universities, where there is a scientific research being unfold through Botanical Institutes.


Keywords: Botanical Gardens, preservation of species, education