Aspecte privind modificarea peisajului sub actiunea exploatarii miniere de la Rosia Montana

Autori: Violeta Turcus, Iulian Stana, Aurel Ardelean, Corneliu Maior, Floca Liviu, Darau AurelAfiliere: Universitatea de Vest “Vasile Goldiş” din Arad, Facultatea de Biologie  ASPECTS REGARDING THE LANDSCAPE MODIFICATION UNDER THE ACTION OF MINING AT ROŞIA MONTANĂ. In the paper there are described the impact forms upon the landscape due to the mining activities from the Rosia Montana region. There are information’ being presented regarding the situation of the reference landscape, along with a discussion upon the aspects regarding the main components of the environment. The presentation of the reference conditions and the evaluation of the potential impact forms have been obtained through a qualitative analysis of the context of the existing landscape. The studied region has been limited according to the Industrial Region Rosia Montana and according to the regions with direct view upon the potentially affected areas. The preliminary studies on the field effectuated, have considered the nature, the size and the quality of the following:• The landscape features existing in the influence region of the project, as well as the shape of the field, the vegetation, patterns of field using, localities, roads and the lining of the horizon;• The potential landscape aspects regarding the localization of new webs of main roads and new populated regions;• The localization of some arrangement and protection curtains in the context of local landscapes. 

Keywords: mining, landscape modification, Rosia Montana