Storage effect on antioxidant capacities of some monofloral honey


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Article Title: Storage effect on antioxidant capacities of some monofloral honey
Authors: Chiş A.M., Purcărea C.
Affiliation: 1Department of Food Engineering, Faculty of Environmental Protection,University of Oradea
Abstract: Honey is an important energy source for human body due to sugar content, but it also has an important role in health care through some secondary constituents like phenols. The aim of this study was to evaluate the evolution of total phenol (TP) content and antioxidant activity (AA) of two monofloral types of honey, sunflower and heather honey, during 18 or 24 month of storage. TP content determined by Folin-Ciocâlteu method decreases from 11.7% to 25.9% for sunflower honeyandfrom 34.1% to 41.5% for heather honey, meanwhile IC50 (DPPH test) increases up to 132.5% for sunflower honeyand 273.2% for heather honey. The loss in terms of FRAP test (µM Fe2+) was more uniform, between 25% and 30.6%, with one exception.TP content and AA decrease are directly correlated to time, stronger for heather than for sunflower honeywhich maintained its antioxidant capacitiesbetter. The colour changing during the testing period was less evident than the loss of TP content and AA.
Keywords: sunflower honey,heather honey, antioxidant properties
*Correspondence: Chiş AM, University of Oradea, Department of Food Engineering, Faculty of  Environmental Protection, no. 26, Gen. Magheru Bd., Oradea, 410048, tel. +40-744-696943. e-mail: andichis