Risk assessment of aerotechnogenic pollution generated by industrial enterprises in Algeria and Ukraine


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Article Title: Risk assessment of aerotechnogenic pollution generated by industrial enterprises in Algeria and Ukraine
Authors: Kharytonov M., Benselhoub A., Kryvakovska R., Klimkina I., Bouhedja A., Bouabdallah S., Chaabia R., Vasylyeva T.I.
Affiliation: 1Dnipropetrovsk State Agrarian and Economic University, Department of Ecology and Environment Protection, Dnipro, Ukraine 2Pukhov Institute for Modeling in Energy Engineering, National Academy of Sciences, Kiev, Ukraine 3National Mining University, Dnipro, Ukraine 4Badji Mokhtar University, Annaba, Algeria 5Texas Tech University Health Science Center, at Amarillo, Texas, USA
Abstract: Algeria and Ukraine are in an environmental transition phase concomitant to their economic transition. Air pollution is a real problem of public health in both countries. Similar to Algeria, air pollution is severe in Ukraine, particularly in such industrial center as Kryvyi Rih which is characterized by the existence of heavy industries. In Algeria due to the dense industrial base in such northern cities as Annaba, air pollution becomes a serious health hazard affecting populations living in this area. The aim of our research is to assess the risks of air pollution emissions with nitrogen and sulfur dioxides as a result of metallurgical enterprises activities in Annaba and Kryvyi Rih. Application of GIS mapping corresponding to monitoring networks in both cities allowing the creation of risk assessment maps with nitrogen and sulfur dioxides. Children are especially sensitive to air pollution and man-made aerosols dust. Therefore, studies have been conducted regularly issuing the effectiveness of preventive pectin tablets for two groups of children. The number of examined children was 20; whereas the duration of experiment was 3 weeks. Moreover, heavy metals content in the hair was selected to assess the effectiveness of chosen measures of rehabilitation. According to the GIS mapping data there is a constant excess of 1.5 MPC for nitrogen dioxide in the central part of Kryvyi Rih city. Furthermore, was revealed a tendency to higher content with nitrogen dioxide in the atmosphere of Annaba. On the other hand, periodic taking of pectin tablets in the areas of man-made air pollution is an effective preventive measure.
Keywords: air pollution, metallurgy, monitoring, environment health, risk assessment.
*Correspondence: Benselhoub Aissa, State Agrarian and Economic University, Ecology and Environment Protection Department, Serhiy Yefremov Str.,25, 49600 Dnipro, Ukraine,E-mail: benselhoub@yahoo.fr