Quantum dots based multifunctional nanosystems for theranostic applications

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Article Title: Quantum dots based multifunctional nanosystems for theranostic applications
Authors: Cinteza L. O., Ailiesei I., Petrache S., Dinischiotu A.
Affiliation: University of Bucharest, Chemistry Faculty, Physical Chemistry Department, Bucharest
University of Medicine and Pharmacy ”Carol Davila” Bucharest, Faculty of Pharmacy, Bucharest.
University of Bucharest, Biology Faculty, Bucharest
Abstract: A facile method to obtain multifunctional nanosystems encapsulating both imaging agents and drug molecules is presented in this work. One of the modern concepts in the therapy of cancer diseases is “theranostic” (from therapy + diagnostics), that means the application of multifunctional systems to deliver the chemotherapeutic drug and the use of fluorescence agent for the imaging the treatment efficiency by monitoring the effect of the active substance on the targeted tumoral cells. The silica nanoparticles were used as matrix to encapsulate quantum dots as bioimaging agents, as they are easy to be prepared as water dispersible and stable in the physiological environment. Quantum dots from CdTe were prepared using a simple hydrothermal method, with citrate and hydrophilic polymer as stabilizer. The anticancer drug Topotecan was used as chemotherapeutic agent, coencapsulated with the semiconducting nanocrystals into the silica matrix. The complex theranostic systems were characterized by using DLS and TEM. Optical properties of the quantum dots were investigated using fluorescence spectra in various environments. The possibility to use the silica fluorescent nanosystems with Topotecan content in bioimaging was studied using fluorescence microscopy on HeLa cell culture.
Keywords: theranostic, cancer, nanosystems, quantum dots
*Correspondence: Ludmila Otilia Cinteza, University of Bucharest, Faculty of Chemistry, Physical Chemistry Department, 4-12 Elisabeta Blvd., 030118, Bucharest, Romania, Tel. +40- (21)-3050767, Fax. +40-(21)- 3159249, email: ocinteza@gwchimie.math.unibuc.ro