Ground beetles from Sǎlaj county (Romania) (coleoptera: carabidae)

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Article Title: Ground beetles from Sǎlaj county (Romania) (coleoptera: carabidae)
Authors: Kutasi Cs, Szé Gy.

1Bakony Museum of the Hungarian Natural History Museum, Zirc

2Department of Zoology, Hungarian Natural History Museum, Budapest

Abstract: During a faunistical exploration of Sǎlaj county carried out in 2014 and 2015, 207 ground beetle (Carabidae) species were recorded from the area. Considering the earlier literature data the total number of carabid species known from the county is 246. Carabus variolosus Fabricius, 1787 is a Natura 2000 species, Pterostichus bielzii Fuss, 1878 is a species endemic to the Western Apuseni Mountains. Further rare species from the area: Dromius quadraticollis A. Morawitz, 1862, Elaphropus parvulus (Dejean, 1831), Lebia marginata (Geoffroy, 1785), Ophonus ardosiacus (Lučnik, 1922), Trechus amplicollis Fairmaire, 1859.
Keywords: Carabidae, Sǎlaj, Romania, faunistics, endemic species, Natura 2000 species, beech forest, oak forest, steppes on loess, riverine willow scrub, dominant species, pitfall trapping
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