Utilizarea bazei de date ASAview in studiul ariei suprafetei accesibile la neurotrofinul Ngf

Autori: Paul Atyim1, Ion Bolocan-Viasu2

Afiliere: 1Facultatea de Medicină, Universitatea de Vest  “Vasile Goldiş” Arad, 2Universitatea de Medicina Craiova


UTILIZATION THE ASAVIEW DATA BASE IN ANALYSIS OF ACCESSIBLE SURFACE AREA FOR NEUROTROFIN NGF. Accessible surface area (ASA) or solvent accessibility of amino acids in a protein has important implications. Knowledge of surface residues helps in locating potential candidates of active sites. Therefore, a method to quickly see the surface residues in a two dimensional model would help to immediately understand the population of amino acid residues on the surface and in the inner core of the proteins. ASAView is an algorithm, an application and a database of schematic representations of solvent accessibility of amino acid residues within proteins. A characteristic two-dimensional spiral plot of solvent accessibility provides a convenient graphical view of residues in terms of their exposed surface areas. In addition, sequential plots in the form of bar charts are also provided. Online plots of the proteins included in the entire Protein Data Bank (PDB), are provided for the entire protein as well as their chains separately. These graphical plots of solvent accessibility are likely to provide a quick view of the overall topological distribution of residues in proteins. Chain-wise computation of solvent accessibility is also provided (AHMAD S, GROMIHA MM, FAWAREH H, SARAI  A 2004).


Keywords: ASAView, accessible surface area, neurotrofin NGF