Aspecte ale poluarii mediului in orasul Chisineu-Cris

Autori: Tolan Moise*, Simona Musca

Afiliere: Grupul Şcolar Chişineu-Criş, judeţul Arad


ASPECTS OF THE ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION IN CHISINEU-CRIS. The elaboration of the present paper “ASPECTS OF THE ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION IN CHISINEU-CRIS” is useful, mostly, because of the fact that Rumania needs to reach the European standards in what the environmental issues are concerned, and also, because of the fact that Chisineu-Cris is the first town you will reach, entering Romania from the Schengen area border, trough the Varsand custom. If the industrial pollution sources existing until 1989 disappeared, the pollution problem still holds an important place, taking into account the fact that new sources of pollution appeared, as a result of the fast development of traffic on DN79A, that crosses the CHISINEU-CRIS town, of the increasing amount of residual water, and, inherently, the problem of taking care of this new issues at the European standards. In this direction we made our own environmental monitorizing, than, by comparing the results with ones contained by the specialized works, and also, with the ones obtained by the Arad County Environmental Protection Agency, we succeeded in pointing out the negative aspects, the most relevant ones, and the risks of affecting the ecological equilibrium of the area. As a result we point out the fact that at the town and surrounding area level, there is a concerning rate of pollution. From the results description, explicitly or implicitly, the ways of putting an end to this problem appear. The pollution problem appeared as a result of some unconcerned citizens as well as of the fact that the local administrative factors are not involved, and, in what this field is concerned, the financial resources are lacking.


Keywords: pollution, Chisineu-Cris