Winter and passage avifauna of the Apa lake (Satu Mare county)


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Article Title: Winter and passage avifauna of the Apa lake (Satu Mare county)
Authors: Laposi A
Affiliation: Palatul Copiilor Baia Mare
Abstract: The paper presents the results of the observations during October 2006 – April 2010, the aquatic birds which inhabit the Apa lake, Satu Mare county, during all the cold season. 54 species of 10 orders and 19 families that spend the winter or part of it on the lake have been identified, 6 of these species abound or are common, most of them, 48 species, are only occasional visitors. 14 of the species observed are strictly protected. Most birds were observed during the coldest weather and most species during the spring passage. Minimum protective measures have been recommended in order to protect the birds.
Keywords: aquatic birds, cold season, abundance, numerical variation, human activity
References: Ardelean G. Consideratii taxonomice si ecologice privind fauna de pasari din Depresiunea Baia Mare. Muz. Jud Satu Mare, Studii si comunicari II- III, Ed. Daya Satu Mare, 274285,2003. Ardelean G, Béres I. Pasajul de primavara pe cursul inferior al Somesului (III- IV.2003)- Observatii ornitologice,Satu Mare- Studii si Comunicari Stiintele naturii, vol IV- V(2003- 2004), 177- 180, 2003. Bibby C, Jones M, Marsden S. Expedition Field Techniques- Bird Surveys . Geography Outdoors- Royal Geographical Society withIBG, London, 1998. Svensson L, Grant P.J, Mullarney K, Zetterstrom D.Bird Guide, HarperCollinsPublishers, London, 1999. Szabó- Szeley L, Baczó Z – Nomenclatorul Pasarilor din România- Nomenclator Avium Romaniae. Editura AVES, Odorheiu Secuiesc, 2006. ***
*Correspondence: Alexandru Laposi,  Palatul Copiilor  Baia Mare