Aquatic macrophytes from Danube Delta lagoons Musura Bay and Zatonul Mare


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Article Title: Aquatic macrophytes from Danube Delta lagoons Musura Bay and Zatonul Mare
Authors: Sava D., Samargiu M.D.
Affiliation: Ovidius University of Constanta, Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences University Alley 1, Corp B, Constanta, Romania
Abstract: The Romanian Danube Delta, a unique, young and continuing to grow region situated in the eastern part of Europe, is the largest continuous marshland and the second largest delta on the continent, and also a favorable place for developing a unique flora and fauna in Europe, with many rare and protected species. The predominance of the aquatic environment, led to the existence of a particular macrophytic flora. In this context, the purpose of this paper is to contribute to the study of aquatic macrophytes. The present study took place over two years, between 2013-2014, and in each year a number of expeditions were made in the two lagoons (Musura Bay and Zătonul Mare) in different seasons, in order to observe the diverse flora, because, due to seasonal variation in water quality, there might be a significantly seasonality of the vegetation also.
Keywords: macrophytic vegetation, Danube Delta, aquatic macrophytes.
*Correspondence: Sava Daciana, Ovidius University Constanţa, Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, Department of Natural Sciences, University Alley nr. 1, Campus corp B, Constanţa, România, tel.+040722615261, email: