A malaco-faunistical study of Salaj county/szilágyság, Romania with taxonomical notes

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Article Title: A malaco-faunistical study of Salaj county/szilágyság, Romania with taxonomical notes
Authors: Erőss Z.P.
Affiliation: 1Department of Zoology, Hungarian Natural History Museum
Abstract: In the framework of the research program of the Hungarian Natural History Museum ”Invertebrate faunistical investigation of Sălaj county”, numerous molluscs (87 species) were collected in 2014-2015. Compared to other parts of the Carpathians, the mollusc fauna of Sălaj county is relatively poor – after this investigations this number is increased to 114 species – considering either the total species richness or the number of taxa. In the list I enumerate the results of recent collections, adding and also comparing with the results by Domokos and Lennert, 2009 in connection the area of judetul Sălaj /Szilágyság. From faunistical and conservation point the most important results are species of Acicula perpusilla, Agardhiella lamellosa, Drobacia banatica, Unio crassus, Vertigo angustior, Vertigo moulinsiana and Vertigo substriata. thing worth mentioning. The most important outcome of this study was the discovery of a new Bythinella species: Bythinella gregoi GLÖER & ERŐSS and Alzoniella (?) species which is a new species and genus for Romania. The other important finding a very big empty shell of Mastus bielzi which could be a new subspecies. These recent researches made a result rare or new endemic species, it pays attention that the well-known, but not so deeply researched areas can be faunistical or scientific surprised.
Keywords: Mollusca, Romania, Sălaj, Faunistics, Bythinella, Alzoniella, Mastus, Carpathian
*Correspondence: Zoltán Péter Erőss, Department of Zoology, Hungarian Natural History Museum, Baross u. 13, H-1088, Hungary, Tel. +36-1-267-7007 email: zoltan.eross@nhmus.hu