Variation of minitubers production from callus regenerated plants of different potato varieties

Authors: Andreea NISTOR, Nicoleta CHIRU, Diana KARÁCSONYI

Affiliation: National Institute of Research and Development for Potato and Sugar Beet Brasov, Romania


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ABSTRACT. Somaclonal variation is the term used to describe the variation observed to plants, which is produced by tissue culture. Chromosomal rearrangements are an important source of samaclonal variation. Somaclonal variation is not limited, but is on particular commonly to plants regenerated from callus. Typical changes are: changes on chromosomes number (polyploidy and aneuploidy), chromosomes structure. Major benefit of somaclonal variation is changes of plant. Somaclonal variation leads to genetic variability creation. Somaclonal mutants create resistance to diseases, herbicide, tolerance to environment and chemicals.


Keywords: callus, somaclonal variation, growing regulator, variety, medium