Research on the growth in height of wild cherry tree (Prunus avium L.) in coppices in Crisul alb and inferior Mures basins

Authors: Emil TOADER*

Affiliation: Faculty of Engineering, “Vasile Goldiş” Western University, Arad, Romania


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ABSTRACT. Present research analyze the wild cherry growth in height, by category of diameters, from 20 to 70 centimetres, in the conditions in which wild cherry is found only in mixed forests. It was determined that at big diameters the heights of wild cherry can reach, frequently, values of 30-33 meters. The conclusion is that, in the situation of the wild cherry, this height growth is affected by the arrangement of species in the composition of the forests but also by the stationery conditions.


Keywords: wild cherry, the growth height, diameter categories, mixed coppices