Embrionary remnants of thymo-pharyngeal ductus in mouse thymus

Authors: Viorel MICLĂUŞ*, Liviu OANA, Vasile RUS, Ciprian OBER, Cosmin PEŞTEAN

Affiliation: Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cluj-Napoca


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ABSTRACT. Histological study of the thymus from 24 young rats, showed the existence of cavitary formations having epithelial cells of different heights. Numerically, cavitary formations with nonciliated cells prevail. Between formations with ciliated cells, some present all cells ciliated, others only a part of them, the proportion between ciliated and nonciliated cells being different from one formation to another. Cavitary formations do not seem to have connection with the organ functionality. We consider that cavitary formations with ciliated cells are vestiges of thymo-pharyngeal ductus and after all appearances also those with nonciliated epithelial cells seem to have the same origin.


Keywords: mouse thymus, thymo-pharyngeal ductus, cavitary formations, ciliated cells, nonciliated cells