Studies regarding the traceability testing in organochlorine pesticides contamination of milk

Authors: Adriana CHIŞ1*, Cristina HORGA2

Affiliation: 1 Department of Food control, University of Oradea, Environment Protection Faculty; 2 Chemistry Laboratories, Institute for Public Health Cluj-Napoca


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ABSTRACT. The contamination of animal-based foods has a main source the food chain of that species. The paper aims at following the possible traceability of organochlorinated pesticides residues found in raw material milk from an area near the Oradea Municipality. For this purpose I tested samples of green fodders and water, gathered from the grassing area belonging to the village with the highest weight in the production of the raw material milk tested before. For comparison, the determinations have been performed using the same method, devices and chromatography conditions as in the case of milk. In respect of the 16 compounds tested, the majority of those identified positively in milk were found in the fodders and waters tested, in various concentrations.


Keywords: traceability, contaminants, milk, fodder, water