Ecological status of the river Tamis (Tamish, Timis, Tamis) according to phytoplankton compostion…

Ecological status of the river Tamis (Tamish, Timis, Tamis) according to phytoplankton compostion at Romania – serbia boundary profile 


Autori: Nemes Karolina1, Dirgean Corina Carolina2, Kogalniceanu-Odobescu Svetlana2, Simeunovicy Yelica1, Stoykovicy Yovana3, Nikolicy Tiyana3, Bugarski Radoyka4, Matavuly Milan1

Afiliere: 1Faculty of Sciences, Department of Biology and Ecology, University of Novi Sad, S&M, 2Western University „Vasile Goldiş” of Arad, Faculty of Biology, 3Research Association od Students of Biology and Ecology, “Yosif Panchicy”, Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad, S&M, 4Hydrometeorological Institute of the Republic of Novi Sad, S&M 

STATUSUL ECOLOGIC A RAULUI TAMIS (TAMISH, TIMIS, TAMIS) IN LEGATURA CU COMPOZITIA FITOPLANCTONULUI DIN ROMANIA – PROFILUL GRANIŢEI CU SERBIA. In the frame of project of regional cooperation of the Faculty of Biology of the „Vasile Goldiş” University De Vest, Din Arad, and the Faculty of Sciences of the Novi Sad University, concerning joint investigation of water quality of transboundary rivers, the boundary profile of the Tamis River nearby the Yasha Tomicy (Jaša Tomić) village has been chosen for the river ecological status assessment, seasonally throughout 2003-2005. A status of increased saprobic degree was characterized by presence of indicatory algal species such as Oscillatoria princeps, Diatoma vulgaris, Cymatopleura solea and Nitzshia species. An increased salinity was characterized by the incidence of diatoms: Bacillaria paradoxa, Cyclotella meneghiniana, Nitzschia acicularis and Gyrosigma scalproides characteristic for the waters of the Danube-Tisza-Danube canal system in Banat. The content of chlorophyll a and saprobic indices revealed moderate ecological status of the river Tamis (2003-2005). 

Keywords: The River Tamis, phytoplankton, moderate ecological status